SaaS Revolution: Introducing the 8 Startups of Grow F’s Upcoming Cohort

In exactly one week, we’ll be celebrating the launch of our 10th Batch of Grow F, with a special focus on SaaS startups. We are thrilled to see how the newly designed concept will take off. 

As previously announced, we relaunched our investment readiness program after completing nine successful batches of Grow F. We did this after taking into account the insightful feedback we received over the years: 

Grow F 2.0 is designed with time-constrained founders in mind. We curated the program content to maximize impact, offering interactive workshops with grab-and-go insights. Our goal is to provide practical knowledge and actionable strategies for immediate application in fundraising efforts.

Batch #10: Kick-off and Focus

In response to the shift towards in-person engagement, Grow F 2.0 includes a special touchpoint—an exclusive event in a major European startup hub. For the upcoming batch, this event is Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow, which is Female Founder’s flagship event, happening in Vienna from October 11–12. This event allows founders to connect and network with venture capital investors and enhance their fundraising journey, providing valuable connections and insights.

To increase the synergies among the participants, each cohort focuses on one specific sector or business model. The cohort focus allows us to adjust the program content in the most precise way and create the strongest investor-founder fit at the in-person event. Batch #10 is all about SaaSget ready for our 5-week hybrid program to unlock your investment potential!

Introducing the Top 8 SaaS Startups

The startups went through a rigorous selection process, evaluating their product, the market potential, the team behind it, their business model, and the traction they have achieved so far. In an interview with the TOP30 companies, their potential was further evaluated by a jury, which then decided on the following 8 amazing startups joining the upcoming cohort:


Your Personal Safety Companion

Vigilios is a pioneering safety tech startup harnessing advanced AI to revolutionize safety in the mobility domain. Starting with travel, the Vigilios app offers location-specific safety insights and intuitive support features, partnering with travel platforms and insurers to keep travelers informed and secure. Vigilios is set to redefine safety, making it personalized, empowering, and seamlessly intuitive.
Founder & CEO: Ana-Marija Autischer


Tech stack for sustainability officers in metals, mining and mobility

Sirius develops a sustainability tech stack tailored for the metals, mining, and mobility sectors. Addressing the challenge of transforming sustainability goals into actionable plans, Sirius streamlines data sharing and offers ROI-driven solutions, ensuring compliance and emission reductions.
Founder & CEO: Anastasia Kuskova


Refinq is the “missing link” between biodiversity raw data and decision-grade information that high-level corporate executives can work with.

refinq GmbH addresses the complex challenge of providing an effective solution for the escalating business-world issues of biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, and the realization of physical climate risks. Refinq enables companies to evaluate and monitor their asset locations globally for physical climate risks as well as the corresponding status of biodiversity and ecosystems. refinq’s goal is to assist businesses in their transformation into a nature-positive organization.
Co-Founder & CEO: Franzika Walde
Co-Founder & COO: Lukas Fischer


ChatGPT connected to internal data for companies, European built & based

CleoAI is a B2B software solution using generative AI to surface knowledge and data for companies. By connecting to all internal data sources and providing a search bar (like ChatGPT) CleoAI is able to discover smart insights, data sources, and experts in the company on the topic. CleoAI will become the leader in setting up safe human-AI interaction through an infrastructure service offering
Co-Founder & CEO: Hélène Driancourt


Our mission is to reshape the no-code experience for domain experts!

Goyaa empowers domain experts to build cutting-edge web applications effortlessly. Their journey starts in the legal industry, where they support law firms to increase their profitability by introducing digital legal services into their client relationships built with Goyaa. The intuitive no-code UI and context-aware Co-Pilot, GIL, make it accessible for every role to create digital services without any learning curve or training needed.
Co-Founder & CEO: Lara Ludwig


Unlock the Power of Your Last Mile Data

Senvo is a data-driven software for logistic departments to unlock the power of the last mile data. It aims to clarify fuzzy finances to detect billing errors, save on shipping costs, and prevent failures. Senvo helps you get familiar with the real costs along the supply chain so you can deliver amazing business results as well as great products. It enables your team to easily spot inefficiencies and anomalies, identify potential savings, and maintain the high standard of service your customers expect.
Co-Founder & CEO: Marie Kober
Co-Founder & CTO: Ulas Türkmen

Hack Your Care

Connect to accelerate

Connecting the world of medical innovation. Hack Your Care empowers visionary innovators to connect seamlessly with medical experts, eliminating administrative barriers and providing perfect matches between a project and the best experts. Together, Hack Your Care creates an atmosphere of innovation where experienced experts and brilliant minds come together effortlessly, giving birth to revolutionary advances in healthcare.
Founder & CEO: Solène Vo Quong Costantini


sylby combines self-developed AI technology with linguistic expertise to help migrants & language learners speakers overcome communication barriers

sylby offers a personalized tool for improving pronunciation, allowing individuals to learn efficiently without worrying about judgment. Their app provides lessons, exercises, and explanatory videos based on speech therapy techniques, supported by AI technology that offers real-time pronunciation feedback.
Co-Founder & COO: Yamile Vargas

What’s next?

Batch #10 kicks off next week and will close on November 14th, offering the participants five weeks packed with insightful workshops by industry experts, a comprehensive fundraising toolbox, individual support, and access to our wide network. Are you a gender-diverse team with a startup that is highly innovative? Then you are more than welcome to apply to our hands-on hybrid program, which will prepare you for your upcoming VC round. 

Get your B2B Startup Investment Ready

Our next batch will focus on B2B startups and will run between January and February 2024 – and applications are already open!

To kick off your fundraising after completing the five weeks, we’ll connect you with carefully selected investors at an exclusive in-person networking event in Munich at the end of Batch #11.  

Accelerate your path to funding with Grow F. The deadline to apply for our B2B Cohort is November 17th.

We are looking forward to your application!



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