Changing the Fundraising Landscape with Grow F 2.0

In the fast-paced world of startups, facing challenges is part of the course. However, throughout our experience with running Grow F Investment Ready Program, as well as facilitating a community of over 70k+ entrepreneurial minds, we have seen a shift in the type of obstacles founders face, specifically in how startups are fundraising. 

Due to the global economic slowdown impacting all industries and verticals the investment landscape in Europe has become tougher, more competitive, and the pressure on founders has amplified.

This observation comes from the 90 founders that collectively raised over €41 million and who we closely worked with in 9 successful batches. The feedback we receive tells us that the fundraising process has become more involved and stretches over longer periods of time.

Being so close in touch with these startups has shed light on the importance of thorough preparation and resilience as essential tools for founders. However, we also understand the unique constraints of limited time and resources, making it all the more crucial to offer targeted assistance and guidance.

This led the Grow F team to a decision to redesign the program to make sure that Female Founders’ fast-track to investment readiness prepares founders for the demands of the current market. With this change we keep our clear focus to get gender-diverse startups investment ready, however, we double down on our efforts to offer the most comprehensive and effective fundraising support. 

Introducing Grow F 2.0 📢

We are thrilled to announce the re-launch of our investment readiness program, Grow F! Get ready for our 5-week hybrid program to unlock your investment potential!

Introducing Grow F 2.0

Grow F 2.0 is designed with time-constrained founders in mind. We curated the program content to maximize impact, offering interactive workshops with grab-and-go insights. Our goal is to provide practical knowledge and actionable strategies for immediate application in fundraising efforts.

Alongside the program, our comprehensive fundraising toolbox, filled with best practices, resources, and templates, acts as the ultimate companion for founders. Aligned with weekly sessions, it covers all essential activities, bringing founders closer to their fundraising goals.

In response to the shift towards in-person engagement, Grow F 2.0 includes a special touchpoint—an exclusive event in a major European startup hub. This event allows founders to connect and network with venture capital investors. These in-person interactions enhance the fundraising journey, providing valuable connections and insights.

To increase the synergies among the participants, each cohort focuses on one specific sector or business model. The cohort focus allows us to adjust the program content in the most precise way and create the strongest investor-founder-fit at the in-person event.

Here’s what founders can expect from Grow F:

  • Hands-on & interactive online workshops – Taught by industry experts and VC investors; 
  • Networking with selected VC investors at an exclusive in-person event at one of Europe’s biggest startup hubs;
  • Connect with our Female Founders community of 70k investors and founders to boost the visibility of your start

    Preparation: The Key to Success

    Fundraising is a complex process that demands careful preparation. However, we understand that founders often find themselves stretched thin, juggling multiple responsibilities. We condensed and optimized the preparation process for fundraising, alleviating time constraints so founders can focus on what really matters – building an innovative tech venture

    In addition, interactive workshops served as part of Grow F in combination with our Fundraising Toolbox ensure founders receive the support they require to navigate these challenging times successfully. 

    Unlock the Secrets to Successful Fundraising

    Each interactive workshop will bring founders closer to achieving their fundraising goals. After the program, founders will:

    • Understand an Investor’s mindset & VC Fundraising
    • Have built the fundraising funnel & chosen the right investors
    • Know how to be in the driver’s seat of  the funding process
    • Have crafted a compelling origin story and built-up pitch momentum
    • Prepared key elements of the Financial Plan & identified key metrics
    • Understand Key Terms
    • Have improved their negotiations techniques
    • Access the right investor network

    Cohort Focus

    We’ll run 4 batches a year, each focusing on one specific sector or business model. 

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