Concept: Female Founders e.V.
Stiftgasse 21/28
1070 Vienna
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Pictures & Video:
Marcella Ruiz Cruz, Eva Maria Klauser
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Media owner and publisher:
Female Founders e.V.
Stiftgasse 28/21
1070 Vienna
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Field of activity:
The association serves as an information, networking and support platform by and for entrepreneurial women and aims to

1 a) Raise awareness of entrepreneurial independence among women
2 b) raise awareness around the career options for women in innovation-oriented or creative industries

1 c) to connect women, who are employed in creative or innovation-oriented industries, or are self-employed, with each other as well as relevant stakeholders

1 d) to create immaterial support for women in creative or innovation-oriented industries through events, coaching, mentoring programs or similar offers

1 e) to connect relevant stakeholders to fulfill the before mentioned club purposes

1 f) to foster international networks with relevant networks and organizations

Supervisory authority:

State Police Directorate Vienna, office for association, assembly and media law matters

Applicable legislation:

Association law:

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