Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Do you find yourself held back by limiting beliefs that prevent you from becoming the leader you aspire to be? Despite receiving abundant positive feedback from previous managers, colleagues, and direct reports, I often find myself being overly self-critical. Taking part in the most recent batch of the Lead F program offered me the opportunity to reflect on where I am holding myself back, and allowed me to share in common experiences with other leaders, each from diverse backgrounds and expertise.

It also provided me with TONS of tools that I will be coming back to in my life and career. Here are some I’ve already began adding to my toolkit.

Embracing a Growth Mindset for Personal Growth

One of the key lessons I learned from Lead F is the power of adopting a growth mindset. Instead of clinging to fixed beliefs about our capabilities, we should embrace the idea that we can continuously develop and improve ourselves. By diving into new challenges with a growth mindset, we open ourselves up to new opportunities and breakthroughs.

Empowering Change by Focusing on What You Can Control

Lead F also taught me the importance of distinguishing between things we can change and those we cannot. This awareness allows us to make conscious decisions on whether to take action, let go, or accept the circumstances. By focusing our energy on what we can control, we become more effective leaders and cultivate a sense of empowerment.

Effective Communication: Getting Your Point Across

The program introduced me to the PREP method, which emphasizes the importance of conciseness in communication. By getting straight to the point, we ensure that our message is more memorable and impactful. This skill is particularly crucial in important presentations and conversations where clarity and brevity are key.

Building Confidence through Body Language

Lead F also highlighted the significance of body language in communication. Standing up and using expressive hand gestures can enhance our presence and confidence during important presentations and conversations. I discovered practical tips and techniques for effective communication with confidence, courtesy of Rebecca Williams.

Feedback: The Catalyst for Growth

Lead F kicked off with a deep dive into giving and receiving effective feedback, which was expertly covered by Elizabeth. We all were provided with tons of examples and insights on how to deliver feedback constructively. I was so impressed by the program’s commitment to feedback. They actively sought our opinions and thoughts before and after each session, demonstrating their dedication to continually improving the program. This commitment is evident in the new and enhanced Lead F 2.0 launching soon!

Lead F Forever: Expanding Your Network

While completing the Lead F program was undoubtedly a milestone filled with growth and reflections, it also marked the end of scheduled weekly learning and connections. While bittersweet, reflecting back on it now, I know that a huge and lasting value lies in the connections forged and the supportive community of leaders we became a part of. As we embark on new challenges, we can rely on this strong network for ongoing support and collaboration.

Lead F is Now Lead Forward

Exciting news awaits! We are thrilled to announce that Lead F has evolved! Enter Lead Forward, our renowned leadership program re-designed to empower leaders and leaders-to-be with essential tools, knowledge, and a vibrant network.

Apply to Lead Forward - September 2023 Cohort

Apply until September 19 to the next cohort of our Leadership Program, LEAD FORWARD - an 8-week online journey towards becoming a people-first leader.

What you can expect:

  • Sessions are available as videos so you can schedule learning when it’s best for you!
  • Small groups for weekly interactive discussions and real-life case studies.
  • Dynamic content tailored to your individual needs as a leader.
Allie Trok

Allie Trok

Communications Manager

Originally from California, Allie moved to Vienna in 2021 and is a part of the Female Founders team, working as a Communications Manager. With a background in Communication and Sociology, non-profits, startups, and tech, is also pursuing her Master's in International Management and Leadership. Allie's combined skillsets prepare her to problem solve, think critically, and approach communication in a relevant and creative way.