Developing a Growth Mindset with the RISE Framework by Elisabeth van Holthe tot Echten

Do you need help with developing a growth mindset?

There are many approaches and methods that can be useful to you in setting a path for committing to learning and upskilling as a leader. This journey is very personal.

Our in-house leadership expert, committed lifelong learner, and Head of Lead Forward leadership program for people-first leaders, Elisabeth van Holthe tot Echten, shared with us her own growth mindset framework that she uses to navigate her learning adventure. And it comes with a very inspiring acronym – RISE.

RISE stands for:

Reflect on your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours

Identify opportunities to challenge yourself

Step out of your comfort zone

Encourage and support others to develop a growth mindset by being a role mode

Reflect on your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours

For example, at the end of the day or week, reflect on situations in which you responded with a fixed mindset.

Such as, “Negotiations are too challenging for me. I don’t want to do them anymore.”

Which belief/attitude/behaviour is holding you back the most? Commit to changing this one obstacle first.

Identify opportunities to challenge yourself

Negotiation is a skill that can be learnt.

Are there any opportunities in the near future to practice this skill? You can start small, for example, by negotiating something small with your partner, gradually moving to more complex and higher-stakes negotiations.

Try negotiation tactics you’ve learned in low-stakes situations and evaluate the impact. Do they work well, or should you change something?

Step out of your comfort zone

Now that you have developed your skill and observed your learnings in practice, seek out more challenging situations.

If this makes you uncomfortable, lean into this feeling. We grow through situations that are new and require us to adapt. As long as you approach them with a mind keen on learning, you will gain an invaluable lesson for yourself and those you lead.

Encourage and support others to develop a growth mindset by being a role model

While we teach, we learn.

Doing something new requires practice, and you will make mistakes along the way. That’s being human.

Be a role model for your team and show that there is growth in failure – and an opportunity to pivot to a more rewarding leadership style.

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Elisabeth van Holthe tot Echten

Elisabeth van Holthe tot Echten

Lead Forward Program Manager

Having lived in six countries in the past ten years, I have developed a profound appreciation for the richness that diversity brings. This appreciation, coupled with my unwavering belief in the power of inclusivity, fuels my passion for advocating equal opportunities within the tech and innovation ecosystem. Through my work, I aim to break barriers, challenge norms, and foster an environment where everyone's unique perspectives and contributions are valued.

I currently work as the program manager Lead Forward at Female Founders, a leadership program where I combine my project management skills and creativity to design meaningful learning experiences. Lead Forward equips entrepreneurial leaders with the necessary tools for success in today's fast-paced business landscape.

As a firm believer in the power of collaboration and community, I am passionate about connecting with like-minded professionals and industry leaders. If you share my passion for making the European tech ecosystem more equitable, let's connect!