Let’s Redefine the Status Quo in Tech – Together: What Lies Ahead in the LTST24 Program

The goal of LTST has always been bringing together innovation leaders from the European startup & tech ecosystem to change the game, not the players. In order to do that we came up with focus areas that guide the content of the conference, creating an environment to get inspired, think outside the box and solve problems to create a more inclusive future – together. We’re already keen on bringing the next edition of LTST to life in June. In the meantime: let’s explore the diverse and impactful focus topics that will shape the discussions at LTST24.

Tech Trends

At the core of our program lies the catalytic influence of technology in shaping the future. The ongoing advancements in the tech sector, encompassing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cleantech, Deep Tech, and Health Tech, vividly illustrate the profound impact these technologies wield on our lives, work, and society.

“In the era of AI new technologies move fast, hence people and organizations need to adapt and speed is crucial. At Microsoft we want to support founders of all genders along the way, enabling them along their entrepreneurial life cycle to grow. We are convinced, having a diverse startup ecosystem of founders and investors will drive innovation and unlock untapped opportunities. This will ensure we as society and economy reach our full potential” – Florian Slezak, Cloud Region Lead at Microsoft Austria (official LTST24 partner)

The Fundraising Playbook

Fundraising is the lifeblood of innovation, and LTST24 is poised to unravel the complexities of the fundraising landscape. We delve into the complex dance of founder & investor relations, guiding them in building strong connections. It unravels fund management, offering insights into effective strategies for financial stewardship. Exploring the ever-evolving market and investment environment, this focus topic equips participants with the knowledge to navigate dynamic landscapes.

Running and Scaling a Business

Running and scaling a business is a multifaceted challenge – be it as a founder or a leader. LTST24 focuses on exploring the art of strategic hiring to assemble a dynamic team, fostering an inclusive workplace culture that thrives on diversity. Dive into the challenges of scaling, discovering avenues for growth while maintaining operational efficiency. Uncover the delicate balance between expansion and optimization.

Beyond Business

We are also committed to exploring entrepreneurship beyond the traditional metrics of success. LTST recognizes that the entrepreneurial journey is a holistic experience, encompassing challenges that extend beyond financial gains. Discussions will span topics such as mental health, self-care & optimization, and achieving a healthy work-life integration. By fostering an open dialogue on these integral aspects, LTST24 provides a platform for entrepreneurs to explore a broader perspective on entrepreneurship.

Perspective matters

These topics serve as a blueprint for understanding current industry trends, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the economic landscape—issues that shape both our professional and private lives. While many tech conferences touch upon similar themes, what sets LTST apart is its unique perspective. We champion inclusivity, ensuring all voices are heard, and diverse perspectives are brought to the forefront. By fearlessly addressing questions of inclusion and diversity, we believe in fostering honest conversations that pave the way for real change. Are you ready to join us on this journey?

Then take the next step and join us in Vienna at LEAD TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. You will meet fellow innovators, experts, founders, and investors eager to commit to and co-create an inclusive world, where entrepreneurs can thrive.

Viktoria Stanzl

Viktoria Stanzl

Head of Content at Female Founders I Consultant at Inclusive Minds

I have a background in gender studies and a master in design (innovation) management. Currently I’m combining those two fields at Female Founders, Europe’s fastest growing community of entrepreneurial women.

As Head of Content my responsibility is bringing the gender lense and diversity perspective to the table in a wide range of projects. My focus lies in the program curation & set-up design of international events and diversity consulting projects. I’m passionate about creating meaningful experiences, design thinking and connecting with people sharing the mission of creating a more inclusive and equal future.