Innovations to Watch: Meet Grow F’s 6 SaaS Startups!

After a competitive scouting period, we are thrilled to finally reveal the 6 startups joining our Grow F progam. They are transforming data, innovating development, improving accessibility, revolutionizing supply chains, and more!

Why we chose a SaaS Cohort (again) –  Software as a Service (SaaS) as a business model is attractive and is often praised as the future of innovation. Investors love SaaS for its rapid scalability and data-driven AI learning models, low code based tech, deeptech and more. Offering creative, efficiency-driven solutions to customers, and a growth friendly business model: SaaS is really a win-win. With the unique solutions from each of our selected startups, we can’t wait to see our startups thrive in Europe’s tech space! 

Add these 6 SaaS Startups to your Watch List

 Without further ado, let’s meet the startups set to embark on this exciting journey:


Hungary | DeepTech → Building modern embedded software development platforms

axem builds modern embedded development platforms. In today’s fast-paced world of embedded software development, teams face numerous challenges that can slow down time to market and hinder productivity. axem’s open-source tool DEM is designed specifically for embedded software teams, offering solutions to common pain points faced by embedded developers.

Eszter Vezdén/ CEO & Co-Founder
Super Power: Gathering Information
Eszter is the CEO and Co-Founder of axem. Before co-founding axem, she gained experience in safety-critical development, product and project management, which significantly contributed to her expertise in the industry. In addition to her professional endeavors, she is dedicated to promoting female leadership and encouraging more women to pursue careers in tech.


Austria | Enterprise Software, DeepTech We help you understand the story behind your data.

Every number tells a story. The problem is, most companies don’t understand their story, leading to an average waste of 15 million Euros per year per company due to poor decisions based on inadequate data analysis. Boolee’s mission is to simplify this process with an intuitive big data analysis too, enabling accurate data analysis in seconds, with no time to market.

Jasmin Hadrany / CEO & Co-Founder
Super Power: turning obstacles into opportunities. A knack for problem-solving and a dash of creativity.
Hello! I’m Jasmin 👋, a creative entrepreneur with a passion for analytics. From founding my first arts business at age 22 to seeking scalable impact, I embarked on the journey to create Boolee.


Austria | Software Development Independo. Enabling everyday.

Independo is a software startup dedicated to developing technologies for people with intellectual disabilities.

Julia Kruselburger / Co-Founder
Super Power: empathy
Hello, I’m Julia. I have a background in biomedical engineering and entrepreneurship. Since I was 6 years old, I have been participating in inclusive summer camps, where I became aware of the importance of technologies that are accessible to everyone.
 Konstantin Strümpf / Co-Founder & CTO


Spain | Enterprise Software → Supplaay brings data to fashion brands, so they can have real-time repporting and take educated decisions on procurement.

Supplaay is a Cloud Based platform that digitizes the relationship between fashion brands and their supply chain, allowing transparency and traceability to the garments, while optimizing their operations. Supplaay is the first supplier management platform for fashion brands, allowing them to know the status of every production in real time. They allow fashion brands to define the environmental and ethical requirements for their supply chain and make sure their products are manufactured accordingly.

Agnès Vilarrubia  / Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Super Power: Complementary team. Fashion industry knowledge & proven capacity to scale.
Studied Bachelor Fashion Design at Parsons NY / +12 years experience as Buyer in finished garment suppliers, managing +10M€ in productions a year, for brands such as Zara and Mango.


Poland | Biotech & AI → Automating R&D research through task-oriented agents

We started Syntro because we know that AI can help life scientists reduce the tedium of their work and assist biopharma companies in growing their businesses. Syntro is a platform that creates unified, shareable, and complete repositories from the entirety of research data generated within our clients’ organizations and integrates LLM-driven automation on top of them. Our mission is to make life science research more efficient and reproducible.

Agata Staszak / Co-Founder & CEO
Super Power: Determination and strategic foresight
I am passionate about reshaping the way researchers engage with data, making science more reproducible, and facilitating discoveries in the field of life sciences. I possess strong executive skills paired with the ability to build relationships and considerable hands-on experience in growing companies from the ground up.
Wojtek Śmigiel  / Co-Founder & CPO


Austria | Marketplace → Qorby – your easy access to social commerce

Qorby offers easy access to social commerce. They are an e-commerce marketplace, enabling creators to build personalized online-shops, seamlessly integrated into their social-media profiles. Qorby is there to make the brand`s products shoppable in the content of any social channels of influencers, professional athletes or the GenZ.

Julia Pengg / Founder
Super Power: Overwhelming smile and eagerness to learn anything
Julia Pengg is serial entrepreneuer from hospitality to social commerce;  she graduated in business administration & art history; she loves to build efficient connections between topics.
Clemens Kruell / Co-Founder & CTO 

What’s next?

What they can expect from the next 5-weeks:
🤝 Tailored VC Preparation: Our startups will receive personalized guidance to ace their upcoming VC rounds.
☝️ Interactive Workshops: Led by industry experts and VC investors, these sessions will provide invaluable insights and actionable advice.
🌎 Exclusive Networking Event: As a highlight, participants will gather in Vienna for an exclusive in-person networking event, part of the Female Founders Flagship Event –  Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. 2024

Are you a gender-diverse team with a startup that is highly innovative? Then you are more than welcome to join our waitlist to be the first to know when the next round of applications opens for our hands-on hybrid program, which will prepare you for your upcoming VC round. 



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