Inclusive Event Concept

Redefining the Status Quo in European Tech doesn’t only mean discussing pressing topics on stage and networking with like-minded game changers. We at Female Founders, also want to lead by example and do our very best to create an event atmosphere and space where everybody feels like they belong, can be their authentic self and is enabled to enjoy #LTST23. So here are our house rules, which we ask you to live by, offline and online.

Respect & Zero Tolerance for Discrimination

We do not accept any form of disrespect or discrimination. LTST is a place for everyone and we celebrate each person’s uniqueness. 

If you witness or experience discrimination, speak up and/or approach the LTST team – we’re there for you, and we’ll take care of the situation. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation and you prefer to report this anonymously, you can do so via this form

Creating SafeR Spaces

LTST is intentionally designed to create an atmosphere of empathy, understanding, and support. Safer spaces aim to counteract systemic biases, prejudices, and power imbalances that can hinder open dialogue. Creating such environments fosters a sense of belonging and enables more productive discussions – exactly what we want for #LTST23.

Why safeR spaces? The term “safe space” can sometimes imply an absolutist idea of complete safety and comfort, which might not align with the complexities of real-world situations. By using “safeR spaces,” we try to acknowledge that we are striving to minimize harm and create a more inclusive atmosphere.

We Care About Pronouns

You might have noticed that we use pronouns in our communication around LTST and there will also be the option to add them to your name tag on site. Why? 

Incorporating pronouns into event practices is an impactful way to support individuals from all gender backgrounds trying to avoid misgendering. 

In case you’re not using pronouns, you can indicate that as well. 

Use the space on your name tag to add your pronouns & introduce yourself during networking moments, including your pronouns: “Hi, I’m Alex, my pronouns are they/them.”

Examples for pronouns: 

  • Daisy – she/her
  • Alex – they/them 
  • Thomas – he/him  
  • Celina – no pronouns

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

We want to challenge traditional gender norms – also with our bathrooms. Gender-neutral bathrooms are designed to be inclusive of all gender identities, including transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming individuals. These facilities provide a space where people don’t have to conform to traditional binary gender norms.

For Caregivers, there will also be a chest feeding area in case you want to bring along your baby.

Inclusive Mindset

For creating a safeR space at a big event like #LTST23, we need everybody on board.

We ask you to respect our code of conduct and recommend fostering an inclusive mindset (not only at LTST, actually!). Here’s what we mean by that:

  • Open-Mindedness: Take some time to reflect on new information before forming an opinion. Be open to learning about new perspectives.
  • Empathy: Exclusion impacts people‘s lives, and every single act of discrimination affects human beings.
  • Self-Awareness: Reflect on what you bring to the conversation, your previous experiences, your upbringing, your culture, your language skills, and the opportunities you had or did not have in life. It is likely that they are different from others, and your assumptions might not be correct or apply in all situations. Be open to hearing feedback and learn from other people’s experiences.

We Want Your Input

Communication goes both ways. That’s why we tried our very best to develop two-directional communication channels to enable feedback so we can learn directly from you and constantly improve, because, at the end of the day, nobody is perfect, right?

You can approach our team any time at the registration desk or online if you have feedback for us.

Additionally, we’ll send out a survey to all participants after the event.

Do you have any accessibility requirements you would like us to know about?

It is crucial for us to create an inclusive and accessible event for all our participants.

To do the best we can, we invite you to share any specific needs or requirements in this form.

Viktoria Stanzl

Viktoria Stanzl

Head of Content at Female Founders I Consultant at Inclusive Minds

I have a background in gender studies and a master in design (innovation) management. Currently I’m combining those two fields at Female Founders, Europe’s fastest growing community of entrepreneurial women.

As Head of Content my responsibility is bringing the gender lense and diversity perspective to the table in a wide range of projects. My focus lies in the program curation & set-up design of international events and diversity consulting projects. I’m passionate about creating meaningful experiences, design thinking and connecting with people sharing the mission of creating a more inclusive and equal future.