These DEI & HR Tools Will Boost your Inclusion Efforts in [ 2023 ]

Creating a truly inclusive organization requires an ongoing effort and dedication toward learning and growth. While entirely worthwhile, we understand it can be a bit intimidating – especially when starting from scratch. 

No matter where you are at in your own diversity, equity and inclusion initiative, we are happy to be sharing some of our favorite DEI tools that can take your company’s inclusivity efforts to the next level. As a matter of fact, these tech-based solutions might actually be just what your human-centered approach needs!

Each of our recommendations can be easily implemented and they are sure to extend your efforts into new channels –  such as your daily slack messages, hiring efforts, mental support and more!

Here are our Favorite Tools in the DE&I space. Keep reading to find out why!

  1. Auntie – our favorite tool for mental health
  2. Inclusive Bot – our favorite inclusive language tool for slack
  3. Witty Works – our favorite inclusive language tool for general communications
  4. Superheldin – our favorite tool for hiring
  5. Metta Space – our favorite tool for reporting & resolving work place misconduct

Inclusion at your organization should go beyond hiring and diversity-focused efforts, and should involve nourishing your employees by investing in their mental health. Which brings us to our first recommendation – Auntie


Sometimes, all we need is a good, long chat.

Auntie highlights the importance of a psychologically secure workplace because it enables individuals to explore, express their thoughts and ideas, and learn from one another. This can only be achieved by creating an environment where individuals feel heard, seen, and accepted in their discussions around mental health challenges. Beyond that, building trust and fostering relationships within the work community will lead to increased capacity and initiative among employees.

Auntie enhances this formed trust and dedication of employees by offering proactive mental health support. Their custom-designed mental health journeys are also tailored to employees’ specific needs and they even provide one-on-one conversations to address mental health concerns, before they become overwhelming. 

To learn more about how Auntie can assist your employees in achieving greater happiness and engagement in the workplace, schedule a meeting with Claire Rivoire-Kunze.

If your organization spends as much time on Slack as we do, it’s important to understand that the language you use is a realistic reflection of the inclusivity of the workplace. Look no further than Inclusive Bot. 

Inclusive Bot

No more non-inclusive language in the workplace!

Inclusive Bot helps you create an inclusive environment, build a sense of belonging in your team and break the bias (especially the unconscious one). It encourages your team to use inclusive language in the workplace in a very seamless and calm way and can be directly integrated into your Slack workplace. 

How does it do this? Inclusive Bot detects non-inclusive language based on an exclusive dictionary of thousands of expressions. And it’s always growing. It covers tons of categories of non-inclusive language: Gender, Race and Ethnicity, Mental Health, Sexual Orientation, Dis/Ability, Age, Microaggression, Violence, Appearance, Addiction, Socioeconomic Status, Religion…

Importantly, it analyzes its anonymously-collected data to generate reports and insights on the status of inclusive language in your workspace, and even helps you determine, which areas need more work in your organization to better reach your inclusivity goals.

You can add Inclusive Bot to your Slack workspace by going to their website:

Looking to extend these language efforts beyond Slack? You’re in luck because we have the perfect tool to use across all comms efforts – Witty Works!

Witty Works

The Writing Assistant for Inclusive Language

Are you sure that your company’s communication attracts talents or customers? Do you want to build inclusion sustainably? Consider using Inclusive Language as the lever to do so!

Witty is a digital writing assistant that enables employees to detect stereotypes and bias in their writing. It assists you with inclusive formulations while educating with micro-learning bites about the bias behind the words, making individuals aware of their own bias. Customers like Deutsche Bahn or Publicis Media report that as a result, inclusive culture is built, sustainably. Witty builds inclusion in the workplace, effortlessly and affordably. 

Freemium: Witty provides a Freemium. Go to and click on “Get Witty for free”.

Looking to explore top female talent and promote your business as a family-friendly company? Be sure to check out Superheldin


Superheldin unleashes the potential of women in the world of work.

Superheldin is a social impact start-up. They take action against a shortage of skilled professionals by emphasizing the potential of women in the world of work and connecting them with family-friendly companies.

Since women still experience discrimination, they are especially looking for companies, which support the compatibility of career and family. And that’s where Superheldin starts: they support companies with their DEI strategy by working out their family friendly benefits. Furthermore, Superheldin convinces potential applicants with authentic employer branding by a special company portrait or by individual social media measures.

Get an exclusive 10% discount on employer branding packages (S++ or M) with the code “femalefounders” (valid until April 30th , 2023).

In the photo: Sandra Westermann / Credits Martin Kroll

As your company grows and develops, it’s important to ensure that all employees feel safe, and included in that is a safe space to report any areas where they feel otherwise.  That’s where Metta Space comes in. 

Metta Space

Scale your company, not misconduct.

All companies are at risk of being exposed to sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace misconduct.

Metta Space’s three pillars of prevent, report, and resolve are at the core of their next-generation of compliance service. They believe that diversity, equity and inclusion create a stronger company and workforce, as well as yield better results.

As a next-generation solution, Metta Space provides preventative training to reduce risk and help you avoid problems before they happen. Their reporting features allow people to safely report incidents anonymously if they wish and the resolve services will ensure that all parties get the support they need.

Visit Metta Space’s website for more information.

You’ve heard them from us! We hope you’re able to find these tools as useful as we have. As we collect further resources, we will be sure to share with our community. Now, that you’ve made it this far, it’s probably time that you start introducing some of these tools and ideas in your company. 

Integrating your new Tools

Are you looking for more specialized, holistic and action-oriented recommendations for your organization? Consider booking a discovery call with us through our new consultancy, Inclusive Minds. We empower organizations with Design Thinking and scientific research to develop actionable diversity, equity and inclusion solutions. As your tactical partner, we create conscious and lasting impact at any stage of your DEI journey.

Let’s shape the future of the workplace together!