COVID-19 related Resources for Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 related Resources for Entrepreneurs

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, everything but the health care and food supply system seems to be on hold. In times of social distancing, uncertainty and constant worries about the future of the economy and society, we need to focus on the opportunities and resources we have right now, that will help us make it through this time of intense difficulty. 

What’s important right now, is to do what we can to be prepared for the time after COVID-19. We need to support the ones who are working hard to keep the system up and running, to make things easier for everyone, get the help we need and try to find solutions for the problems we are facing. 

This blog post provides opportunities to do all of the things listed above. What we see as our current duty is to help our community as much as we can and provide you with as many resources, life hacks, and information as we possibly can. If you have any additional questions or if you are aware of resources that should be put on the list, please let us know and reach out via 


Technology and digitalization have become more important than ever. Due to the current circumstances, the whole world will have to work more digitally. That’s why now – more than ever – is the time to support the women with tech-based businesses that will help to overcome this crisis. Here are some amazing women from our accelerator Grow F and other great female startups and entrepreneurs with solutions for all the current problems we are facing: 

  • Markta, Austria’s first online farmers market, delivers sustainable and regional products to your doorstep. 
  • Erdbeerwoche delivers organic monthly hygiene to your door. 
  • Instahelp offers their online practice platform for doctors and psychotherapists for free until May 15.
  • Goodity is a marketplace for regional businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Caroline Bell, co-founder and COO at Finmarie shares daily tips and insights in her facebook group about money and investing during these times.

  • Nina Haidinger, an expert in mindful success strategies, is hosting an online event series „A Call For Connection“.  Join her for Online Community Coaching.

  • The Homestage Festival is a virtual stage for concerts, performances, readings and cabaret – and you can join via livestream. 
  • Y.lab and Dr. Yoga are two of the many amazing yoga studios that offer online yoga classes. 
  • Mein Kompass is a digital companion, that offers you psychological and mental support, especially during these times. 
  • Konflikt-Facilitator provides digital coaching to overcome the stress and conflicts arising due to the current crisis – With a current discount of 15% 
  • MyGiulia helps you to send gifts to babies or children by advising you on the selection and taking on packaging, writing gift cards and shipping for you. 
  • Prewave analyses social media and news media data with advanced machine learning technology to deliver predictions on risks affecting the critical elements of your enterprise. 
  • TalentCoach makes it possible to give employees the opportunity to develop themselves further and to focus on their strengths even in the home office. 
  • Kita-to-Go provides a free guide with daycare ideas for kids. Sign up for free daily schedules with craft ideas, game suggestions, exercise offers and also educational propositions to keep your kids busy and active during social distancing. 
  • FamilyPunk is a digital coach for parents. Sign up for their Newsletter Daily Quarantini, for daily tips on how to stay patient, calm and strong whilst handling kids during quarantine.

This list is growing on a daily basis – and we are adding new, digital and innovative businesses. If you are a female entrepreneur and want to be featured in our next issue – send an email to

In addition to these mostly Austria and Germany orientated startups, here is a list of International startups and what they do to help during social distancing. 

Here is another great and international list of 50Y companies that are tackling the novel coronavirus.


The economic consequences due to the coronavirus outbreak are already visible and significant, and entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world are experiencing them first hand. Apart from the fact that fundraising is going to be a lot tougher these days, founders also have to worry about their daily costs, cash flow and how to pay their employees. Right now, we need to make sure that you and your businesses make it through the upcoming weeks and months. So here are some resources for European startups impacted by the coronavirus:  

  • provides a country-by-country roundup of government-backed resources for entrepreneurs dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. Countries included are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden and more. 
  • The COVID-19 European Investors Startup List, helps entrepreneurs and founders with fundraising during these uncertain times. It lists investors that will keep investing and are ready to receive pitch decks. 
  • Opportunity for startups with coronavirus solutions to apply for €164 Million European Commission funding. 
  • A crowdsourced collection of resources for HR and business leaders to help inform and support coronavirus response plans.
    Here you’ll find a curated collection of public coronavirus response communications, templates, news, remote work, hiring impact, and resources.
  • Fundraising during the coronavirus. Read here.

  • Stillhiring is a platform that showcases employers actively hiring and able to onboard new employees. If your business is doing well these days and you are hiring – add your job openings! If you are looking for a new gig – this could be your go-to resource. 
  • COVID-19 resources for leaders. Read here.
  • A central hub on for the best Resources on Remote Work. 
  • The GIN Go-Asia programs are your entry tickets to the fast-growing and promising GIN target regions in Asia. Explore the most innovative startup hubs! 
  • AT/DE COVID-19 Government Support Measures.
  • Resources Page on what you need to know as a small business owner. 
  • Government Relief & Financial Aid: list of the most relevant measures and programs currently available by region and country. 
  • The Austrian Federal Government presented a corona rescue package for all startups – worth around 150 Million Euros. Read here.

  • Built on expert advice, this financial guide provides an in-depth overview of the options available to self-employed individuals who may be experiencing financial difficulties during this unprecedented time. 
  • provides layoff news and lists of employees laid off – hoping to help those laid off get exposure to companies still hiring. 


  • Financial Aid in the UK&US: What small business grants are available for women and how can they apply.


If you have the opportunity and mental space to take some time and focus on yourself, do the things you wouldn’t normally do, here are some Good Reads and Opportunities to keep yourself busy:

  •  A crisis is a terrible thing to waste: Startup Marketing in a Recession. Read here
  • How Coronavirus hits women. Read here.

  • Women’s domestic burden just got heavier with the coronavirus. Read here.
  • A Podcast on why COVID-19 is hitting us now and how to prepare for the next outbreak. Listen here.
  • Where founders and self-employed women can get money and support quickly. (In German) Read here.
  • COVID-19 Crisis Legal Q&A for Germany. (In German) Read here. 
  • #CorCoorining on – people and their stories. Tell your story around the coronavirus. Let’s narrate and listen to each other. 
  • What the next 18 months can look like, if leaders buy us time. Read here. 
  • List of free things that weren’t free before the coronavirus. 
  • A List of what to watch, read and listen to during coronavirus self-quarantine. 
  • Way to passion provides a list of NGOs, social businesses & startups that are facing economic difficulties. You can support them by using their (online) services, donating or buying vouchers. 
  • Zusammen-Leiwand supports local entrepreneurs by offering vouchers. 
  • supports restaurants by offering vouchers. 
  • A blog entry of small local businesses and restaurants, that offer food deliveries to your home, as well as takeouts.


  • Ways responsible use of social media helps the community amid Covid-19. Read here. 


  • How (not) to pitch remotely. Ways to wow an investor over videocall. Read here.

  • How to adjust your brand strategy in the time of coronavirus. Read here.

  • G’schickter Wein is an online wine shop – that provides you with sustainable wines from all Austrian regions.