By women for women: Shaping the future of Tech for a positive impact.

Product manager roles have increased in the last several years, especially in Europe where the demand for product related roles have risen by 43%. Product management skills are also relevant across different areas and industries, ultimately being a great asset to those aspiring to reenter the workforce, seeking a career change, or starting their own company. This is why the Kimolian Academy was created: to help empower women from any background to get into product management in order to create tech-enabled products with a positive impact. 

Leading by example 

Eleni Lialiamou is a product leader and coach with more than twenty years of experience. Knowing that diversity and inclusion could benefit the industry, as well as the desire to help more women break into tech, she created Kimolian Academy. She has tailored a hands-on, online program scheduled in the evenings, making it convenient for women juggling jobs, families, or different time zones, eliminating concerns about location, commute, and logistical challenges. Every cohort welcomes women from different backgrounds, industries, professions and countries and provides them with the necessary knowledge, AI-powered tools and network that empowers them to make the breakthrough they are searching for.

Every cohort is assigned a case study that is collaboratively worked on as the course progresses. This allows students to apply the theory seen in class directly to building their product, thus also giving them a good overview of how a product manager works both individually and as a team. The products that result from the case study have dual purpose: one, to allow the students to build a sustainable product, thus giving them a competitive edge; second ,to be able to create or expand their portfolio. This allows them to be prepared for job applications and interviews. 

Our social mission is at the heart of what we do

The Kimolian Academy has a social mission at heart and that is why it has established its very own scholarship fund dedicated to providing educational opportunities in product management to women who may not have had access to such resources otherwise. With each enrollment in our program, a portion of the tuition goes directly into this scholarship fund, and by joining our program, you become an integral part of a community that is committed to creating pathways for success and inclusion. Moreover, all students receive mentoring and coaching in preparation for job interviews. Together with our wide range of mentors, we aim to provide our students and alumni with access to various interesting job opportunities, internships and grants.

Success stories – Summer Cohort 2023

  •  Greenpertise – Darshini Waibel and Jacqueline Kressner: Our journey with the Kimolian Academy has empowered us. It gave us structure to take our ambition from inception to impact. As female founders, it certainly boosted our confidence when speaking to our stakeholders from our founder, clients, experts to our strategic partners.
  • Stillie – Agata Gaertner: After fifteen years of working in marketing and communications, I moved into the Femtech startup by creating my own female health venture called “Stillie”,  a platform envisioned to improve prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding care. As Stillie was being developed, I found myself looking for a course that would help me learn how to approach the entire product development cycle from start to finish, so that I would be successful building my first digital product. That is exactly what I found in this course, which provided a toolbox and key learnings on how to do that effectively.
  • LuMuse – Flora Krasniqi: Kimolian Academy empowered me! Learning from an experienced Product Manager, sharing ideas about the tech industry with other women, being mentored by successful product managers from different backgrounds, and working on a real product was the best way to learn how to bring an idea from concept to realization. During the program I also worked on my business idea and I had one-on-one meetings with Eleni, where she gave me feedback and asked precise questions that made me think differently.
  • Kimolian Academy- Udeme Emmanson: I was just at the beginning of my career when I enrolled at Kimolian Academy and that singular step has resulted in much growth than I envisioned in such a short time. I have gone on to work in product teams, focusing on strategy, design, implementation and delivery. Kimolian Academy was my launchpad, and I don’t even doubt for a minute the things I would be able to do in this career.

Join Kimolian Academy on a journey where education, mentorship, and community converge to shape a brighter future for women in product management worldwide. For more information, visit Kimolian Academy. 


Kimolian Academy

Kimolian Academy

Product Management Training

Kimolian Academy provides an exclusive all-women Product Management Training, providing a transformative journey that seamlessly integrates hands-on learning and individualized mentorship within a supportive community. For those aspiring to create a niche in tech product management or breathe life into entrepreneurial visions, Kimolian Academy stands as the catalyst for accelerating success. Through the Scholarship Fund, the academy actively supports underrepresented women on an international scale, ensuring that opportunities for growth and empowerment transcend borders.