B2B Breakthroughs: Unveiling the Future with Six Cutting-Edge Startups

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology, time and time again, it is innovation that continues to drive the ecosystem forward. Today, as we groove into the new year, we can FEEL the excitement, especially since this week marks the kickoff of our latest batch of startups ready to revolutionize the B2B sphere.

What they can expect from the next 5-weeks:
🤝 a tailored preparation program for their upcoming VC round,
☝️ interactive online workshops led by industry experts and VC investors,
🌎 and an exclusive in-person networking event with investors in Munich end of February

Join us as we introduce the game-changers, disruptors, and pioneers who are poised to make a significant impact in the realm of business-to-business interactions. The journey towards innovation begins here, and we invite you to be a part of it. Get ready to meet the startups that are set to redefine the B2B landscape and shape the future!

UPDATE: Our founders have graduated. Explore our investor’s kit here!

Our Top 6 B2B Startups

After meticulous screening and scrutiny, we are thrilled to announce the selection of six exceptional startups that will be joining our thriving ecosystem. We’ll take a look at each of them in detail below:


Austria | PropTech

Viewing a property should be a relaxed first step towards home ownership for prospective buyers and a successful sales experience for estate agents. However, the current viewing process is inefficient, complicated and cost-intensive for both sides. flamengo.immo’s goal is to provide both sides – agents and prospective buyers – with a practical tool that makes the visiting process a more relaxed, flexible and successful experience. Namely, a system that enables interested parties to visit properties independently on site using smart locks and the smartphone as a digital key.

Laura Kaltenbrunner / Co-Founder & CMO
Alexander Jürgens / Co-Founder & CEO


Spain| Marketplace

Meetoptics is the one-stop shop for the $106B Photonics Market. It makes the search for Optics and photonics easy and accessible for any engineer in the industry in less than 1 hour what before took weeks. Photonics is behind all high-tech applications, but it’s a scavenger hunt. The AI-powered Meetoptics database is the largest in the industry, the most comprehensive and the only one with up to date.

Bárbara Buades / Co-founder & CEO
Marcos Garrido / Financial Analyst


Germany | Enterprise Software

SAIZ is an advanced data analytics tool designed for e-commerce, seamlessly connecting sizing, fit, customer engagement, and measurement insights. Using cutting-edge technology such as data analytics, machine learning, and AI, SAIZ predicts customer sizes and preferences based on detailed product & body measurements. By optimizing product sizing and fit, SAIZ empowers retailers to significantly reduce return rates, minimize associated costs, and align with both profit goals and environmental sustainability.

Marita Sanchez de la Cerda / Co-founder & CEO
Svenja Tegtmeier / Co-founder

Stuart Energy

Lithuania | ClimateTech

Stuart is a clean-tech company on a mission to secure abundant electric car (EV) charging process. Stuart is at the forefront of the evolving EV charging market, offering AI-Powered service tool to help charging point operators to solve issues related with charging process quicker and cheaper.

Auste Pranckute / Co-founder & CEO

Evie Health

Estonia | HealthTech

Empowering women to their pelvic floor health through digital physiotherapy.  Evie provides comprehensive care for often-dismissed health issues, including: Pelvic disorders, Reproductive Health, Sexual health, bladder conditions.  Experience the constant support of Evie, featuring a comprehensive program guided by pelvic floor experts available through our user-friendly app. Empower yourself with exercises designed for at-home activities, ensuring you have the tools and guidance you need every step of the way.

Tatiana Chavarriaga / Co-founder & COO
Juan David Giraldo / Co-founder & CEO


Portugal | Web3, NFTs, Metaverse

V-Art is an automated IP licensing solution for brands, creators, and AI developers who want to streamline the licensing process, monetize content, and minimize legal risks. The team is combining expertise in IP Law, AI and Blockchain. Their vision is simple but powerful: a world where licensing is a breeze – where brands, AI tools, and everyday users can effortlessly access and profit from digital content with just a few clicks.

Anastasiia Gliebova / Co-founder & CEO
Olga Simson / Co-founder & CSO

What’s next?

Batch 11 is starting this week and will close on February 27th, offering the participants five weeks packed with insightful workshops by industry experts, a comprehensive fundraising toolbox, individual support, and access to our wide network. 

Are you a gender-diverse team with a startup that is highly innovative? Then you are more than welcome to apply to our hands-on hybrid program, which will prepare you for your upcoming VC round. 

Our next batch will focus on SaaS startups and will run between April and June 2024. To kick off your fundraising after completing the five weeks, we’ll connect you with carefully selected investors at our flagship event “Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow,” in Vienna from June 5-6.

Please note that the application deadline is February 23rd.



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