Female Founders Summer Must Haves

Female Founders Summer Must Haves

As today is July 1st we can officially say we are well into summer, the second best time of year (behind christmas of course 😉). The past few months at Female Founders have been a whirlwind of exciting events, big growth and busy activities for the whole team. That, on top of the constant ups and downs that come with living through a global pandemic means the season of relaxing, recharging and resetting couldn’t come at a better time. 

Of course, we aren’t taking the whole summer off but we definitely have some vacation time booked and are looking forward to making the most of these holidays. We want to make sure you are making the most of your summer as well, and in order to do that we have put together a list of the must-have products and items this season! The best part, they are all produced by female-led companies! From fashion recs to travel tips,  food & drinks to new ways to make meaningful connections we think this guide has everything you need to set yourself up for the best summer yet.

Secret City Trails 



Do you already know where you’ll be heading this summer? Do you already know all of the tourist attractions there, or are they something you’re not really interested in? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, we have something in store for you. Secret City Trails is the perfect app to unlock hidden secrets of all your travel destinations. If you want to make your vacation even more special, and go on playful and magical adventures across your favourite cities, you should definitely check it out. PS: Secret City Trails is not only a great way to discover new places, but also to rediscover your own city in a totally different way! 


Be the best dressed at all your summer outings with Conches! This eco-friendly fashion label is a favorite among the Female Founders team and you can catch our Co-founder and CEO, Lisa, in one of their dresses all summer long. So if you think matching with Lisa sounds like fun, make sure to check them out and we’re sure you’ll find something to your taste. PS: We promise she won’t be mad if you happen to buy the exact same piece as her. 😉









What’s a summer fashion item you can never have enough of? You’ve guessed it: Sunnies! This french brand sells all kinds of high-quality pieces, but we especially fell in love with the timeless look of their sunglasses. Plus: their commitment to sustainability also gets a thumbs up from the team. If you want to buy fashion that’s made to last, make sure to check them out. 

The Female Company – Vulvalette Slides








The perfect outfit is never complete without a fabulous pair of shoes. For this we have to recommend the sandals many of our team members have been obsessed with since the moment we laid eyes on them: the Vulvalette slides. These slides are perfect for lounging by the pool, going to the beach or to add a statement to your summer streetwear looks. Inline with the first two fashion brand suggestions we have made, the Vulvalette are the “hottest and sustainable flip flops of the season”. 

A Preloved Luxury Handbag from Saclab 


If you follow us on Social Media, you have probably seen by now that we are big fans of one of SACLAB, one of the Alumni from our startup accelerator Grow F. And no – that’s not the only reason we think they’re awesome. If you are still looking for your summer bag, we’re 100% sure you’re at the right address here. So if you’re a bag lover, make sure to rummage through their collection of hard-to-find pre-loved handbags, and grab a piece!

Rebel Meat 








Now, we know we might be biased because Rebel Meat participated in our startup accelerator program, but we have tried most of their eco-friendly meat products and can confirm they are extremely delicious! Rebel meat provides a more sustainable meat product by using 50% veggies and 50% organic meat to make their super yummy burgers and sausages perfect for all your summer BBQ parties.  

Motel a Miio

While we are on the topic of summer meals, something we love just as much as a BBQ is a summer brunch! Spending hours chatting with friends, eating super nice food, sipping strong coffee or maybe something even stronger, is our ideal weekend and or holiday scenario! But let’s be real, if you don’t take pics did the brunch even happen? If you want to take your brunches (and instagram posts about them) to the next level grab a set of these beautifully handmade ceramics from Motel a Miio. 

Wine Subscription Box from LittleWine

Something many of us here on the Female Founders team agree on is that one of our favourite parts of unplugging and going offline is, well, a glass of fine wine. (Or a couple of course – depending on the circumstances 😉). And we are willing to bet that a lot of our community feels the same way.  That is why we included our favourite online wine subscription box in every blogpost we can, which also happens to come from one of our Grow F accelerator Alumni. LittleWine shines light on some of the best organic wines out there, and we would really recommend you to check them out. 

SteamLine Luggage






At our last team event we talked about the fact that most of the time a suitcase is only a means to an end, and purely there to store your stuff – BUT: we hadn’t heard of this company back then. If you haven’t invested in a quality set of luggage yet, make sure to check out these beautifully designed pieces from Streamline. (Honestly: Even if you weren’t thinking about doing so, there is a good chance you will be convinced once you see them.) They are perfect for everyone who is looking for long lasting, good quality and extremely stylish suitcases to take on their next trip.

Bumble BFF


As a team we are not sure where we stand on the whole hot girl summer phase but we all agree that meeting new people and making meaningful connections is a super fun part of vacations and summer time in general. Bumble has taken the world by storm with their recent IPO in February of this year. The woman -founded and -led dating app, that is well known for its female centered algorithm, is also equipped with features to connect you with new people for other purposes as well. Download the app and check it out – your new travel buddy, BFF or business connection is waiting to meet you! 

After a lot of us went through some rough patches since the pandemic happened, we think that this summer is really going to be one of the best and most rewarding ones yet. No matter how you are planning to spend your summer: in your home country, abroad, with your family, with your friends, on your own, working or taking time off, we hope that this blogpost will help you to make the most out of it. That being said, we wish you all the most amazing summer ever, and if you have any must-have products you want to recommend to us, we would love to receive them!