Female Founders Ambassadors Network

Introducing The Female Founders Ambassadors Network

Female Founders is the European network for female entrepreneurial minds. To foster this network we currently offer different (online) events, an investment readiness accelerator, and a leadership accelerator for women in tech and innovation. Our main goal with these events and programs is  to increase diversity in the European tech ecosystem. The newest level of this community that we are super excited about developing is the ambassadors network. 

We have had a pan-european approach from day one – inviting women from all over Europe to join our programs and events. While we are very happy with the diversity of our community, we have realized something: our team is based in Vienna and with the plan to travel less for climate reasons and the Covid-19 situation, we want to find new opportunities to learn about and get involved in regional hubs. 

Through the ambassadors network we are aiming to incorporate the knowledge and insights of the members to support our mission to increase gender diversity in the European startup scene. By linking our ambassadors with each other and the rest of our network, we are looking forward to maximizing the progress towards our mission by connecting different European hubs and initiatives.

Who is it?

To bring this idea to life we have invited 11 outstanding individuals from all over Europe to represent female founders in their respective ecosystem. And luckily they have said yes! We are thrilled about each member joining this network as they all have unique skills and expertise from different backgrounds in venture capital, being founders themselves and multiple startup scenes. We are very happy to introduce you to our Female Founders ambassadors:

We have had two ambassador meetups so far and the group is already proving to be very beneficial and inspiring for everyone involved!

“Being an ambassador for Female Founders allows me to support a mission close to my heart: to increase gender diversity in the European startup ecosystem. It is a blast to work with this passionate and dedicated bunch of people from all across Europe towards this shared goal.” – Jasmin Heimann 

“Diversity and entrepreneurial thinking are fundamental to bringing in new perspectives and building sustainable success for organizations. That’s what Female Founders is about! We connect and empower entrepreneurial minds to foster a culture of diverse leadership.”- Mona Müller

“I am very excited to support female entrepreneurship through contributing to this group. Additionally, the cultural diversity within this group really astonished me!”- Zuzana Pison

“We believe in cross border collaboration – especially for smaller hubs, and we see many opportunities for founders and investors to connect. This is an opportunity for our community to grow and learn from each other. we are very happy and also proud to be a supported by this group of people who share our values and vision; are looking forward to working together”- Nina Wöss

The ambassadors group will come together to discuss their respective regional hubs, connect us with their network and promote our events and programs to people who they feel would be a good fit to join our community as an expert, speaker or program participant. We are so excited to provide the opportunity for everyone involved to be a part of a group of ambitious thought leaders who are all very well connected. We want to work together within this ambassador network to develop an even more diverse body of female entrepreneurs and ultimately empower as many women as possible. 

To contribute to strengthening the hubs that each of the members come from we will give access to our constantly growing Female Founder network, provide the possibility to promote the ambassadors relevant content to our community through our newsletter and social media accounts, and share our insights into Female Entrepreneurship within Europe. 

So far in the two meetings that have happened everyone has exchanged knowledge on market developments and insights such as new funds or success stories in their respective fields. We have always believed that we are much stronger when we work together with other women and the ambassadors network is yet another fantastic opportunity to do this.

If you are looking to change the status quo and want to hop on board with our mission reach out here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!