Female Founders 2021 Gift Guide

Female Founders 2021 Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and if you celebrate Christmas this big day is fast approaching!! At Female Founders we are all about spreading cheer and getting into the spirit. We are looking forward to spending time with loved ones, watching our favourite holiday specials, and yes we have to admit it….presents. As nice as it is to receive a gift that you had on your wish list, giving thoughtful gifts to family and friends has to be one of the best holiday feelings out there. 

So we are here with our 2nd annual gift guide to help you do just that! The best part? These gifts are thoughtful in more ways than one. All of the recommendations on this gift guide are made by female-led startups and businesses. We have some repeats from last year because the products are still awesome and of course some new recommendations as well! We hope you love these suggestions just as much as we do! 

The Female Founders Product Collection

Sorry, not sorry, we are of course opening this gift guide with our own merch line. We said it last year and we are saying it again, we are in love with this line and everything it stands for! Our t-shirts, sweaters and bags will make the perfect gift for your gender equality supporting friends and family. 

Notebook from Blanche

The Blanche notebooks and all of their paper goods are sustainable and designed here in Vienna. These notebooks are produced in a certified cradle to cradle manner meaning the ecological footprint is low! A quality notebook for sketching, writing to-do lists and new ideas is a must, making this a really great present for almost anyone on your list. 

La Rose Rosewater Spray

This rosewater spray contains oil from rose blossoms (one of the most popular and effective cosmetic ingredients) plus antioxidants and valuable vitamins. Thanks to its neutralising pH properties it is great for all skin types. Not only does the rosewater spray have a calming effect but it speeds up the healing process of blemishes and acne, prevents scaring, moisturizes the skin and reduces inflammation. 

Boltenstern Jewelry  

Yes, this jewelry brand is being recommended on our gift guide for the second year in a row, and yes it is that good! What makes this stunning jewelry such a cool gift is that Boltenstern designs and creates their fine jewelry pieces with 3D printing! 


Gift Card to Consches

Consches is a female-owned company producing sustainable fashion by women for, consches women. We absolutely love everything in their collections but let’s be honest, shopping for clothes even for our closest friends and family can be tough. That’s why the gift card option is perfect. 

A Preloved Luxury Handbag from Saclàb 

Saclàb is another brand to be featured in the Female Founders Gift Guide twice! We just love the concept of giving a luxury handbag a second life, and Saclàb’s collection is over the top amazing. On their online shop, there are new, difficult to find, and even waitlisted bags for you to gift to the high-end fashion lover on your list. 

Bambusdecke – from Mamabo

These baby blankets come highly recommended by the mother on our team Mirjam! She makes this recommendation from her own experience, and thinks this is the best blanket not only for babies but really anyone who is looking for a cosy blanket! 

Mama Care Box from infavher

After recommending a present for babies, we also have to recommend something for their Mama’s! Mom’s often spend so much time taking care of everyone else, give them the gift of self-care with this incredible box from infavher. 

Adalicious – natural baking full of goodness 

The Adalicious baked goods are beyond delicious but that’s not the only reason we love them. They are also sustainably made and packed with some of the most nutritional ingredients out there. These sweet treats will make are the perfect present for the sweet tooth on your list! P.S. Adalicious is offering special holiday packaging.

BRüSLi – Musli for Future

For the foodie on your list, we recommend any of the products from Brüsli, the first musli made from leftover bread. Musli from BRüSLi is all vegan, made sustainably and comes in a variety of different flavours! 

AWAN Fashion

The second recommended clothing brand on our gift guide is AWAN! AWAN provides comfort first fashion without compromise. Their clothes are comfy, produced sustainably and flattering all at the same time. AWAN is taking the saying “look good, feel good” to a whole new level! 

Renoon Gift Card

A Renoon gift card is THE present to give to that special someone on your list who has great fashion sense but is super picky. Renoon is stocked full of items from 30+ fashion brands that are all sustainable and environmentally friendly, so you can give a gift with purpose! 

LittleWine Wine Subscription Box 

Have any natural wine-loving friends and family living in the UK? We are again recommending the LittleWine subscription box! This subscription box is a must-have for them! The box comes in three different sizes, you decide how many months it will be delivered for and includes free carbon-neutral shipping! 

Classes and Programs

Material gifts are great but we also think the gift of knowledge is one of the most awesome presents out there! There are so many great programs for female leaders, entrepreneurs and founders out there but here we are highlighting three that you should consider gifting this Holiday: 

Tiny CFO School

The Tiny CFO school is exactly what the entrepreneur on your list this year needs! This program teaches practical financial planning for ambitious founders. If you want to support a loved one’s startup or business, giving them this gift will be one that benefits them and their new business long term! 

SmartCheifs Masterclass

Our second recommendation for the founder or entrepreneur in your life: the SmartCheifs Masterclass. This program teaches how to use storytelling to have an impact, attract attention and grow faster! Right now it is only possible to join the waitlist but trust us, this is worth the application, and very much worth the wait – so send the founder in your life the link to apply, and gift them this Masterclass! 

Female Founder Leadership Program – Lead F 

If any of the women in your life are ready to step up their leadership skills through personal development and practical training from experts- this is the program for them. We are accepting applications now, so encourage them to apply and pay the program fee as a present! 

That wraps up the 2021 Female Founders gift guide! We tried to provide a list that is varied in both the product types and price range, so there is hopefully something for everyone. There are so many incredible female-founded startups, and women-owned businesses out there, we must admit, it was hard to narrow the list down. In case you still need a few more ideas and are committed to buying from female-led businesses here are some more recommendations our team wanted to share with you: