Lead F is Female Founder’s 3-month accelerator program specifically designed to help female leaders become more confident and resilient. At Female Founders, we believe entrepreneurial women in leadership positions are the key to changing the status quo and creating positive economic and societal changes for the future. 

Through weekly workshops led by expert speakers, and our support system including one on one mentoring and peer groups, Lead F fosters a community for like-minded women to grow and learn together. Participants have the opportunity to meet with experts from across Europe who share their knowledge on topics ranging from confident & persuasive speaking, negotiation, and team management topics. 

Seems like a program that can help you grow personally and professionally? You’re right! 😎 If you’re ready to take the next step and want to be part of our next batch, you can apply to the program here

Wondering if this is the program for you? Keep reading to see where the women from the last batch come from, why they decided to join, what their backgrounds are, and how they grew their entrepreneurial and leadership skills the past three months! You may find that you have more in common with the participants in this program than you think. 😉



To become part of the leadership program, applicants complete a three step process. This may sound like a lot, but we just want to make sure we get to know you as much as possible and determine if the program is a right fit for you! It starts with filling out the online application form, then we have a brief call, and a profile fit. This helps us to get to know you personally, and understand your goals, challenges and what you hope to accomplish with the program. 

For batch 6, we received applications from participants located in 19 different countries across the world. The majority of applicants (41%) are self-employed, while 35% are working in the corporate world and almost 20% of applicants are (co-)founders. 

In order to get the most out of the program, we recommend that participants have at least 3 years of professional working experience. About 60% of applicants we had in this batch had between 6 and 15 years of experience. 

In addition, we see that Lead F applicants are mostly looking to connect with like-minded entrepreneurial women and they are excited about the hands-on exercises and workshops offered. It’s difficult to select only 27 women from such a great pool. We ended up selecting women across eight different countries – 14 worked for a startup, 11 from a corporate employer, and 2 from a NGO. We had women from companies like Uniqa, Zalando, Pfizer, and more join the batch.

What did the program look like? 

We kicked-off this batch with the first session on March 3, 2022 during which participants got to know each other and had the opportunity to establish their goals for the program. Through deep dive sessions with experts, peer group meetings and one on one support, participants worked on their goals and developed their leadership skills. 

Over the course of the program, participants learnt about many different topics. The highest rated sessions were: 

  1. Persuasive & Confident Speaking by Rebecca Williams 
  2. Negotiation in Action by Petra Wolkenstein 
  3. Your Leadership Style by Amelia Suda 
  4. Power Dynamics by Beate Munding 

What participants loved most about these sessions was that they were very hands-on, packed with practical tools and raised awareness around relevant topics. 

After finishing the program, 80%+ of participants stated that they feel they have strengthened their entrepreneurial mindset during Lead F and that they can already see how to use this in their jobs. We are sure that feeling supported and comfortable sharing thoughts and opinions during the sessions contributed to this. 

Additionally, 12.6% of the participants mentioned that while they have strengthened their entrepreneurial mindset, they need continuous support for implementation. We know it takes time to implement new skills, which is why we provide participants with a personal mentor after our program and give them lifelong access to our community and resources. Your leadership journey does not end when the program is finished! 

We want to help you become the best leader and entrepreneur that you can be! Sign up for our next batch starting September 14th, so that we can help you kickstart your journey with Female Founders. 

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