Grow F is the 5-week investment readiness program for gender-diverse ventures.

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About Grow F

Grow F, the 5-week hybrid program to unlock your investment potential.

Join our hands-on hybrid program, featuring workshops by industry experts, a comprehensive fundraising toolbox, individual support, and access to our wide network, which will prepare you for your upcoming VC round. To kick off your fundraising, we’ll connect you with carefully selected investors at an exclusive in-person networking event in Europe’s biggest startup hubs. Accelerate your path to funding with Grow F!

Cohort Overview

Each batch has a hybrid setup such that there is an in-person networking event taking place during the program to network with investors and other startups in the industry.

Current Cohort: SaaS

(April – June 2024)
In-person Networking Event: In Vienna, during #LTST24 on June 5-6!

Next Cohort: Batch #13

(October – November 2024)
In-person Networking Event in Berlin

Applications for future batches

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Cohort SaaS Timeline

March 1

Application Deadline


March 11-26



March 28

Spot Confirmation


April 30

Cohort SaaS
Kick-Off online


June 5-6

Networking Event at LTST

June 11

Batch Closing


Batch #13 Timeline

July 28

Application Deadline


Aug. 5-30




Spot Confirmation


Oct. 1

Batch #13
Kick-Off online



Networking Event in Berlin

Nov. 7

Batch Closing


What You Get

Online Workshops

Hands-on and interactive workshops with VC investors and industry experts to set up and manage your fundraising journey

Fundraising Support


A personalized fundraising journey with access to our comprehensive fundraising toolbox, incl. key resources, a fundraising checklist, easy-to-copy templates & many more.


Meet through the in-person event at the end of the program top tier investors and gain visibility via the Female Founders community of 80k+ members.

Investors we work with

Key Takeaways

   Understanding an Investor’s mindset & VC Fundraising

   Building your fundraising funnel & choosing the right investors 

   Driving your funding process

   Finding your origin story and building momentum with your pitch

   Key elements of the Financial Plan & identifying key metrics

   Understanding Key Terms and how to negotiate them

   Access the right investor network

Who is Grow F for


For business models that are highly innovative, digital and scalable, and fit with the cohort’s focus.



For companies with at least one female founding member with equal share.



For startups with a launched MVP, ideally first traction and a solid business model.

Want to raise

For teams preparing for their fundraising round and getting ready to take on Venture Capital investors.

Meet our Alumni

“When you are a startup, doing it alone is super difficult – you need support. I realized, as an entrepreneur, how important it is to connect to people – Grow F gave me the chance to.”

Iris Skrami | Co-Founder Renoon | Batch #5

I loved that the Grow F program is focused on fundraising for female-led ventures. The hands-on knowledge and support tremendously helped us in our fundraising process. The same week we had the term sheet negotiation workshop, we also received a term sheet from our investors. We could immediately apply what we have learnt and knew exactly which points we should be negotiating.

Julianne Sloane | Co-Founder Nossa Data | Batch #4

Grow F in Numbers






Startups in our Database


Raised by our Portfolio Companies


average pre-seed Round After Program

“Grow F is one of Europe’s highest ranked accelerators for female founders.”

Meet the Experts

During the Grow F program, founders get connected with some of Europe’s most innovative minds. 

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Grow F – FAQs

Does Grow F take any equity? Are there any costs related to Grow F?

The Grow F program is equity free. Nevertheless, we expect full commitment from our participants. Therefore, we take a commitment fee of €900.

What is more, we take a success fee in the case of successful fundraising from € 300k equity investment onwards. The amount is set at 3% of the total investment sum with a cap of € 20k. This means (for example):

Capital raised € 150k = € 0 success fee
Capital raised € 300k = € 9.000 success fee
Capital raised € 900k = € 20.000 success fee
Capital raised € 1 Mio = € 20.000 success fee

The success fee is taken for the sum of equity investment that is closed within 15 months from the beginning of the program.

There are several exceptions, such as, if you already have investor LOIs when the program starts. Find out everything about it during the application process.

Is Grow F online?

Grow F is a hybrid startup program with weekly online workshops and one in-person networking event with carefully selected VC investors in one of Europe’s major startup hubs.

Does Fund F invest after the program?

Fund F is an exciting and distinct entity within the Female Founders brand. While it’s not directly tied to the investment readiness program, rest assured that Fund F is closely connected and fully aware of your venture’s potential and progress. In fact, the Fund F team is highly interested in your business and could very well be a potential investor for you.

While there is no obligation for Fund F to invest, we encourage you to explore the incredible opportunities that our Fund presents. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way!

I already have first fundraising experience, does the program still make sense?

Yes, usually most startups going into our program already have first fundraising experience eg. with angel investors when joining the program. Our focus is on fundraising from institutional investors (Venture Capital Funds) and preparing you for your upcoming VC round.

The program focuses on the necessary fundraising preparation, allowing you to efficiently manage the process and successfully close the round within weeks after the program.

How many sessions are there? What is the time commitment?

The program requires about 16 hours of your time in total, with two online sessions per week lasting around 2 hours each. 

In-Person Event: 

In the last week of each cohort, we organize an exciting in-person event in one of Europe’s major startup hubs. This two-day event is not only a celebration of your program graduation, but also a valuable networking opportunity. We carefully select VC investors to attend based on the specific focus of each cohort. Our aim is to create the perfect match between founders and investors, ensuring the best possible start to your fundraising journey.

How does Grow F prepare me for my upcoming VC round?

Our fundraising workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive, with a strong connection to practical activities. These activities serve as tasks on your fundraising preparation checklist, ensuring you cover all the essential aspects. We have curated these activities based on best practices and provided templates and key resources to make your fundraising preparation as smooth as possible. 

Additionally, you will have the opportunity for individual check-ins with the Female Founders team, offering you extra support and personalized feedback.

What’s the fundraising toolbox?

Introducing our Fundraising Toolbox – your ultimate companion throughout the fundraising journey. Packed with best practices, key resources, and user-friendly templates, this go-to platform covers all essential activities, from preparation to post-fundraising. Each activity aligns with our weekly sessions, helping you navigate the competitive VC landscape with confidence. Let’s unlock the full potential of your startup together!

Can I refer a startup to Grow F?

Know someone who might be a perfect for Grow F? Fill out our referral form here and we will be in touch with the startup soon! 


Reach out to our Grow F Program Lead

“Hi, I am Fanny Springer, the Program Manager responsible for Grow F! If you have any questions about the application process, or the program itself, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!”

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